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Comprehensive cloud-based solution.

Experience mobility and flexibility with Veterinaro in the cloud. Manage your veterinary practice from anywhere, with complete access to patient data and appointment schedules. No need to worry about data loss – everything is securely stored in the cloud. Join the growing community benefiting from Veterinaro in the cloud and enjoy newfound freedom!


The only one on the market

Order in your inventory

Maintain full control over your inventory with the unique capabilities of our program. We are the only solution on the market that allows for perfect inventory management. Avoid shortages and excesses, saving time and money. Most of our clients come to us for this reason. Join our satisfied customer base!

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See the benefits that await you in Veterinaro.
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Online lectures

Online lectures: We organize lectures for veterinarians conducted by renowned experts from various veterinary fields. We offer valuable insights into the latest trends, research, and practices in veterinary medicine. Join our community to expand your knowledge and skills.

See what benefits await you at Veterinaro.
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Full visit documentation

You no longer need to worry about manually creating and storing documents - our software automatically generates professional reports, medical histories, and other documents that meet all legal and administrative requirements.

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Online Medical Card®

This innovative solution enables electronic storage and management of animal medical records. It provides convenience, security, and data completeness, allowing effective animal care and efficient medical data management.

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Available workstations

With a single package, we offer multiple user positions. This allows you to provide access to our veterinary software for your entire team without additional license costs. We enable you to optimize resource utilization, effective management, and collaboration, providing a comprehensive solution for your veterinary practice.

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Innovative services

We ensure that our clients can stand out in the market. Now, every registered veterinarian and veterinary facility owner can do so by utilizing the services of for veterinarians.

Online appointment booking
Electronic business card
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Online Medical Card