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Meeting the needs of our clients

Veterinaro's mission is to improve veterinary practice management and enhance the quality of animal care. Our software, tailored to the needs of veterinarians, enables easy management of patient data, appointments, and medical documentation. Join the Veterinaro community and achieve success in veterinary medicine!

Manage patients

Easy management of animal patient data, medical history, appointment scheduling and therapy.

Free helpline

Dedicated team, ready to solve problems and technical support.

Referral package

Recommend the Veterinaro programm and receive attractive benefits.

Onboarding new clients

Our specialists will guide you through the steps of registration, configuration and data entry.


“Together we are creating a space where any veterinarian, animal technician, physiotherapist or even behaviorist can find their place. Our program is a response to their needs. We decided to facilitate their daily work, which is a responsibility in itself.”

Anna Kurek

CEO Veterinaro

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The Veterinaro Team

Our specialists.

In the Veterinaro program, you can be confident that you're working with a team of experienced professionals. Our experts have extensive experience in the veterinary industry and are committed to continuously improving our software to meet your needs. With their knowledge and professionalism, we can provide you with tools and solutions optimized for veterinary practice.

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