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*At the specified e-mail within 48 hours will be sent an invitation to the demo version of the program.

Pricing of packages

30 days free.


  • 2 users
  • limit of 3000 animals
  • mobile access
  • Pupil.pl* services
  • calendar for doctors working in many clinics
  • stock
  • integration with laboratory
  • e-mail/sms reminders about visits
  • sms module
  • free integration with other clinics


28 pln net


initial fee

monthly *


Basic Package and additional features:

  • 5 users
  • limit of 9000 animals
  • recurring messages







40pln net


initial fee

monthly *


Premium Package and additional features:

  • 12 users
  • no limit of animals







52pln net


initial fee

Chosen more often
monthly *


Premium Package and additional features:

  • 20 users









 64 PLN net


initial fee

monthly *

* - price gross

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Can I use veterinaro on apple and android devices?

Yes. Our system has been tested and works without any restrictions on devices operating in the ecosystem Apple, Android and Microsoft.

Even more: Veterinaro works on all desktop and mobile devices with Internet access and a web browser (including on tablets and smartphones).

What is the notice period?

It's very simple. We are convinced of the value of Veterinaro and therefore do not use any hooks. The contract may be terminated by the day. Without additional commitments and unnecessary formalities. Please only make any change to the end of the period.

What are the requirements for veterinaro?

Just device with Internet access and a web browser (eg. Interent Explorer, Safari, etc.). We give you access to the solutions used by companies such as Microsoft, Aviva, Toyota. We emphasize that Veterinaro allows you to work not only with the computer but also from the tablet or phone - open for you a whole new range of possibilities (eg. A visit off-site veterinary use of the tablet and its immediate saving in the system).

Is during the subscription can go to a different price list?

Of course, you can freely choose between packages. We would like to fit the needs of physicians therefore can freely access not only higher but also on the lower package. There are no hooks and additional commitments. Please only make any change to the end of the period.
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