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Opinions of doctors
  • I like Veterinaro for its simplicity. Not being fluent in IT I have cleared all my concerns already in the first day.

    Doctors opinion Julia

    Julia, Warsaw

  • Veterinaro is a major leap forward in development of systems for veterinary practitioners. Data security and mobility give an unrivalled advantage, in particular for the professionals who work in more than just one location.

    Doctor opinion Adam

    Adam, Serock

  • We worked with paper documents until recently. Veterinaro is the first software that we used. Despite our reservations regarding IT systems in general, Veterinaro proved to be easy to use. We regret that we started using it only recently.

  • Very intuitive and comfortable in every-day use, nice interface, quick and efficent help. I highly recommend!

    Joanna, Warszawa

  • Zuzanna, Warszawa

  • The program is very friendly. It's available everywhere on every device due to online functionality. 

    Radosław, Opole Lubelski


  • From the beginning, I like this program according to its wonderfully well organised spedicific examinations (a description scheme). It's that practical that I copy that descprition to other programs!

    Rafał, Lublin

  • As a veterinary technician I spent a lot of time working on the computer and it's extremely important for the program to be easy and intuitive. In Praska Przykotnia are working many doctors and physiotherapists (not everybody knew about Veterinaro). It was necessary for everybody to learn quickly the software and it has worked out. 

    Julita, Warsaw



  • We migrated to Veterinaro from Zwierzaki. The software enables a full import of the historical data despite the incompatibility of the old software with any modern solutions. You cannot create a simpler program than Zwierzaki (based on DOS) but Veterinaro is not much more complex but at the same time offers new feature that make your every day admin easier.  

Convenient, simple and intuitive

Convenient, simple and intuitive

We created a simple and intuitive management software medicinal plants for animals, which do not need a bloated operating instructions. The software is always up to date: end of expensive updates, after which the system stops working.

Veterinary software Benefits


We assure a high security of data in Veterinaro, go to one of the best and safest solutions on the market comparable to Facebook or Amazon.com. Backup data on a local computer to the request, the documents ready for inspection after one click of the mouse.

Vet software Benefits
Mobile - use wherever you are

Mobile - use wherever you are

Be mobile: lead and manage the clinic from anywhere, no matter if you are in the clinic, at home or at the client, Veterinaro works on all desktops, laptops and tablet PCs with Internet access. End of the lost descriptions and stacks of prints or gubionymi brought to them by the owners, now all you have in one program.

Veterinary practice software Benefits
For new and existing clinics

For new and existing clinics

Veterinaro is a great start for newly established as well existing veterinary clinics. You can download your historical data and medical records from the most common systems that existed prior to the launch of Veterinaro. On an individual basis, for people who would like to migrate to Veterinaro, we would be ready to assist you in integration with any other software that you may be using.

Veterinary clinic software Benefits
Manage your time and finances

Manage your time and finances

Manage your time no matter the place: for you integrate all your calendars in one place and in real time. Control efficiency of your and your co-workers: Veterinaro allows you to create an analysis of various financial reports that will help you achieve financial success.

Practice management software Benefits
Leave the competition behind

Leave the competition behind

Be better than the competition:

  • Remind your clients of upcoming appointments, research, etc vaccination dates.
  • Offer your customers access to the medical history of the animal, automatically transfers the results of laboratory tests, imaging and other
  • Notify customers about promotions and medical devices.
Vet practice software Benefits
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