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Veterinary practice management software

What is Veterinaro?

Addressing needs of veterinary practitioners, we have created an electronic platform that supports everyday business of a veterinary clinic. It is:

  • simple
  • intuitive
  • mobile
  • safe

When creating Veterinaro we have cooperated with veterinary doctors, IT experts and law firms. Thanks to that cooperation we are convinced that Veterinaro will meet expectations of even the most demanding clients, and in particular doctors focused on small animals.

Vet software Veterinaro

Veterinaro enables:

  1. Maintaining documentation of patients, visits and results of medical test
  2. Automated generation of medical documentation required by law and necessary for inspection of veterinary clinics
  3. To stay in close touch with clients – by sending remainders about visits, medical checks, vaccinations etc
  4. Receipt, ordering and sharing online of laboratory and medical tests with clients
  5. Keeping control of the employees’ schedules in a clinic, efficient management of underutilized time slots and vacant rooms
  6. Mobile and remote access to all necessary data of the clinic, independent of whether accessed by a computer, tablet or a mobile phone (as long as those are connected to Internet)
  7. Online integration with the key suppliers
  8. Access to a knowledge database with descriptions of broad range of drugs and medicaments
  9. Access control for every employee to be granted by the owner of the license
  10. Import of historical data from software that existed prior to Veterinaro
  11. A broad range of management reports showing key performance indicators and enabling better utilization of resources

Development of Veterinaro never stops and we will appreciate your ideas and remarks on our system. We would like to ask you to share your opinion with us via our contact form.

Start to work with Veterinaro

Starting work with Veterinaro is very simple:

  • registration on the web page
  • selection of a desired plan (under all plans 60 day for free with no payment obligation)


Veterinaro is simple and intuitive, you do not need long manuals or a phd in computer science to start using it.

In case of any questions please do not hesitate to contact us via email, contact form or by phone. Our experts will be happy to support you in your first steps with the system as well as during your day to day practice.

Veterinary software Veterinaro

Free training introducing you to our platform!

You can count on us when you start working with Veterinaro! For our new customers, we have prepared a unique online training offer to familiarize you with the platform.

What does the training look like?

  • We use Skype or Zoom for the training.
  • It takes up to an hour.
  • It is an individual training with our consultant.
  • It allows you to get acquainted with all the functions of the platform.
  • The training is free of charge.

Save time and money with Veterinaro

Veterinaro is not only a simple and intuitive software that helps in day to day operations. We are confident, that the unique features of the systems (in particular: reminders about vaccinations, follow up visits or the already scheduled visits, management of doctors schedules, electronic access to medical records available to patients), will enable you to build loyalty of your customers, increase frequency of their visits but also decrease non-show ups of the already scheduled patients.

Veterinaro Veterinary clinic software

Access to drugs database with supporting data about every medicament

At Veterinaro, we know how important role in the work of a veterinarian is constantly gaining knowledge. That is why our platform organizes trainings with specialists in various veterinary fields. After the training, you will receive a certificate of participation as well as access to the recording after the reaining. For our customers webinars are offered at a special lower price.


Scheduled webinars:

  • 22 czerwca 2022r  Choroby układu oddechowego małych ssaków egzotycznych with lek. wet. Małgorzatą Ponikowską Zapisy


Webinars that took place:

  • Cykl spotkań - Okiem Kardiologa -  pierwsze spotkanie, kiedy pacjent powinien trafić do kardiologa with lek. wet. Rafałem Ostaszewiczem

  • Zaburzenia neurologiczne u zwierząt egzotycznych with lek. wet. Przemysławem Łuczakiem

  • Podstawy stomatologii małych ssaków with lek. wet. Przemysławem Łuczakiem


Rozwijaj się z nami!

Mobile and remote access to medical records and resources of a clinic

The days of Willy Fogg travelling around the globe in record low 80 days are long gone. Addressing the growing demand for the mobility and accessibility of data, we have created a system that enables users to access the data from wherever they are and whenever they want. There is no longer a need to go to or call the clinic to pick up a file in case you visit a patient at home. You can access Veterinaro from a laptop, tablet or even a mobile phone as long as it is connected to Internet. Access to you patients’ database or inventory records has never been so simple and easy.

Mobile and remote access to medical records and resources of a clinicVeterinaro software on mobiles

Time and calendar management

Creating Veterinaro we were asked to provide a flexible tool to manage schedules of doctors and employees of veterinary clinics, in particular for those working in more than one location.

Addressing this market need, we have built a calendar function that is always up to date and accessible from all sorts of mobile devices connected to Internet (including mobile phones). Wherever you are and at any given time, without calling a receptionist or browsing through your memory, you can check your schedule and book your new appointment in the available time slots. You can also monitor occupancy in the clinic and provide accurate and up to date information for your clients. Every single calendar entry is immediately available to all authorised users.

Veterinaro Calendar

Maintenance of medical data & Online Medical Card

Veterinaro is a tool addressing the basic need of every veterinary practitioner - conducting a visit, maintenance of medical records, inventory controls and documentation of all patients in electronic form (Online Medical Card). The system enables easy and quick access to historical data without a need to browse through piles of papers.

In order to assist doctors throughout the entire patient visit, Veterinaro contains a template visit form that is linked to printouts of drug prescriptions, generation of inventory documents and invoicing. Creating a complete tool we have not compromised on simplicity and for those who need to act fast, we have prepared a short form that enables to minimise the time spent on documentation of a visit.

The electronic database that can be shares with customs gives doctors an option to differentiate in the market by providing an innovative feature for customers. A doctor may provide a client with medical records of its pet without a risk of an authorized access. It is not only building a competitive advantage in the eyes of a customer but it also empowers a doctor with a tool that enhances quality of treatment and speeds up recovery of the animal while increasing the customer loyalty. The recommendations from a visit can be integrated with a mobile phone of a client ensuring timely dosing of drugs or reminding about the follow up visits, vaccinations etc.

Veterinaro Online Medical Card

Managing your inventory and its documentation

We have made our best to eliminate the headache of managing inventory in your clinics. The need to manage it will not disappear but we hope that the headache will. Veterinaro will remind you about the inventory with the approaching expire date or will provide you with the information about the frequently used items that are or are about to become out of stock. We have automated document generation in order to minimise paperwork involved and at the same time preserve the transparency and completeness of the stock records.

A specially designed set of documents can be generated in case of an internal or regulatory inspections.

Documentation in Veterinaro


Your safety is our priority! We have put an extra effort to ensure the highest safety standards of Veterinaro. The system operates on solutions used by global leaders like Aviva, Royal Bank of Scotland or Volkswagen Bank. At any given moment, all data in Veterinaro is stored in three copies plus an archive in order to eliminate even the most remote risks. Consequently, we protect you from risks related to failure of your computer/hard disk that is the most common reason for the loss of data records. Cloud computing protects you also against more “adventurous” events like theft, flooding or fire that could bring inevitable losses not only to your wealth but also business continuity. For those who are still not 100% convinced, we provide an option to generate an archive that can be kept on the personal hardware.

Veterinaro enables access controls that is managed by the owner of the license. We provide you an option to decide which employees are allowed to access/edit the full database of clients, patients or sales reports. You can easily administer the authorisation to various personnel and at various levels of access.

Another feature of Veterinaro is operational safety that is enhanced by our document management system. At any given point in time, with one click, you may produce a set of documents that might used in case of internal or veterinary inspection.

Veterinaro SafetyVeterinaro Safety

Import of medical data from your existing software

Veterinaro is a great start for newly established as well existing veterinary clinics. You can download your historical data and medical records from the most common systems that existed prior to the launch of Veterinaro. On an individual basis, for people who would like to migrate to Veterinaro, we would be ready to assist you in integration with any other software that you may be using.

Veterinarian software Veterinaro

Sales and financial analysis

Serving patients is the primary mission of every veterinary practitioner but in the long term it cannot be disassociated from an economic result. Consequently, we provide you with a range of instruments that will support you in your strive for business optimisation and financial prosperity. We have proposed a set of reports that analyse sales composition and dynamics as well allows to keep an eye on operating profit of a clinic.

We trust that the built-in reports will support you in decision making and making best of your day to day work.

Veterinary office software

We care about our clients, so we want to offer them something unusual and special. Every doctor, owner of a veterinary cabinet, who is registered in Veterinaro can stand out for free thanks to pupil.pl services, which is:

  • Reservations of visits online: users of pupil.pl can make appointments online in Your clinic. The queries will be automatically seen in Your calendar in Veterinaro
  • Electronic card: pupil.pl portal present complex online cards of veterinary clinics, which contain for example: data contact with the access map, information about Your services etc
  • Medical Card Online: in pupil.pl portal You can share with Your clients medical data of their pats. That function is optional and depend on You completely - You choose if and what You share


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